About Breema

Our Purpose

Since 1980 the Breema Center has been supporting students in discovering a practical means for becoming present and finding increased meaning and harmony through Breema’s philosophy, Bodywork sequences, and Self-Breema exercises.

Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony

The Nine Principles of Harmony are a concise distillation of the universal laws that govern life. Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises are perfect expressions of these principles. The principles of Breema are universal. They can be applied to other techniques and methods of bodywork, health improvement, health maintenance and, in fact, to any activity in life.

Breema Bodywork & Self-Breema

The best introduction to Breema is through a direct experience of the bodywork. Giving and receiving Breema bodywork and practicing Self-Breema exercises in a Breema class or workshop is very nurturing and energizing. In every class or workshop, there is a tangible atmosphere of mutual support.

Breema Books & Inspiration

Breema Center’s many books, blogs, articles offer inspiration and insight derived from Breema’s transformative philosophy.


We invite you to experience Breema and look forward to meeting you!

When you are present, you don’t experience even the slightest pressure of time. Whatever you do feels like the only thing that needs to be done, and you are doing it. You have no sense of time, because you’re living in the present. The pressure of time comes when you’re in the past or future.

- From Every Moment Is Eternal by Jon Schreiber