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Receive Breema bodywork from Certified Practitioners worldwide and participate in classes or workshops in-person and online. Breema facilitates an understanding of the Nine Principles of Harmony through direct experience, which can make any activity more meaningful and satisfying. Practicing Breema can connect us to our essential nature. It also supports relaxation, flexibility, pain relief, reduced anxiety, and increased energy and vitality.

Experience Self-Breema Online

Join our online Self-Breema classes and workshops which offer practical tools for personal growth and harmony. These classes can help you find a more harmonious relationship to your life, and support you in establishing more meaningful connections to others. Find out how Breema can help you live with more presence and fulfillment.

Experience Breema In-person

Join Breema Bodywork classes and workshops worldwide to practice body-mind connection. Our workshops and classes offer in depth experiences with Self-Breema exercises, partner treatments, and the Nine Principles of Harmony. Experience balance, vitality, and emotional well-being as you practice Breema.

Experience Breema at an Intensive

Both new and longtime students come to our intensives to learn and practice Breema and benefit from Breema’s experiential approach to living harmoniously. Each intensive supports a deepening understanding of Breema’s universal philosophy. A variety of Breema sequences and Self-Breema exercises are highlighted, and every intensive presents an in-depth exploration of the Nine Principles of Harmony, the pillars of Breema’s comprehensive philosophy.

Looking for Breema in your area?

Whether you are looking for a local class or simply want to look deeper into Breema, our network of practitioners and instructors are valuable connections. Use the link below to explore available classes in your area or connect directly with a practitioner.

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Receiving Breema, you can have a taste of being more yourself. You get a hint of what it means to be natural, to be connected. Of course, you’re going to lose it. But you know you had that taste. Then, during the day, you can do one Self-Breema exercise, you can work with one of the Nine Principles, to come closer to that taste again. Because in the moment you have a taste of being present, you are free from the mind, free from past and future, and therefore free from your suffering.
-From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony by Jon Schreiber