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Ongoing Weekly Classes

Saturdays through Thursdays

Practicing Online Self-Breema classes help students apply the Nine Principles of Harmony and improve their mind-body connection for daily life. With regular attendance, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, students develop a deeper relationship with the principles, leading to a more transformative and satisfying practice over time.

The School of the Earth

Seasonal Self-Breema Workshop

Breema sees Earth as a classroom for self-discovery and nurturing our essential selves. This workshop blends instructor presentations, participant discussions, and Self-Breema exercises to integrate Breema principles and mind-body connection into daily life. We'll explore transforming life's challenges into opportunities for personal growth and deeper self-understanding.

Harmonizing Our Relationship to Life

Monthly Self-Breema Workshop

Difficulties may provoke aversion and fear, yet they also present chances for growth. In our Self-Breema class, we foster a deeper mind-body connection, enabling more balanced responses to life's challenges. Join us to transcend reaction and nurture a responsive approach to life through Self-Breema and discussion.

Transforming Loss and Grief

Monthly Self-Breema Workshop

Loss is a universal experience, requiring clear perspectives and practical assistance. Through Breema, we can transform the shock and grief of difficult times into energy for greater life understanding and harmonious preparation for the future. Join our monthly workshop for a supportive environment of acceptance and mutual aid, unique to the atmosphere of Breema.

The Heart Opens in the Moment

Monthly Self-Breema Workshop

Meaningful friendships are vital for a fulfilling life, offering valuable lessons about ourselves regardless of age. In our monthly workshop, we'll explore how Breema, Self-Breema, and the Nine Principles of Harmony contribute to fostering and sustaining friendships across various life domains. Join us for insights, discussions, and Q&A sessions.

Touching the Source, Opening the Heart

Annual Self-Breema Workshop

We prioritize Breema, stressing heart-mind-body alignment for presence. Through Self-Breema, we cultivate openness, nurturing harmony and gratitude in relationships. We'll explore Firmness, Gentleness, acceptance, and receptivity.

The Art of Giving and Receiving

Annual Self-Breema Workshop

In this experiential workshop, we'll explore giving and receiving genuine support in various circles—family, social, professional, and beyond. Through Self-Breema exercises, we'll delve into the essential meaning of support and examine how body-mind connection aids in self-understanding.

No experience necessary!

No prior experience is needed for any Self-Breema class. The exercises are accessible for people of all degrees of strength and flexibility. Participation in online Self-Breema classes and Special online workshops are available to all students at no charge.

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Only this moment exists, and it has nothing to do with the moment before. It has no connection to it. This moment contains its past and future within itself. Things aren’t just a little different in this moment than they were in the previous moment. Everything is different! Every single photon in the entire universe is different. Nothing is as it was. Nothing is unchanged. Nothing from the previous moment remains. This moment is absolutely new!

- From Freedom Is in This Moment by Jon Schreiber