Alexandra Johnson shares how she cultivates genuine interest and renewed energy for activities in her daily life.

Approaching Life as a Beginner

Mar 13, 2018

by Alexandra Johnson

This afternoon I was watching a mother and child walking down the street.  The baby was just learning to walk, and her mother was alert, leaning over her with each step.  The look on the toddler’s face was of excitement and anticipation. Something in this scene stirred my emotions—I realized I was walking, completely unconsciously, taking the activity for granted. 

I was inspired to continue my walk as if I, too, were a beginner.  I felt the weight of my body as it shifted forwards, and noticed which part of my foot touched the ground first.  I stayed with this activity as I continued down the sidewalk. As simple as it sounds, there is a profound magic in approaching events of life with interest and curiosity.  I was walking down the street as if it were a Self-Breema exercise. The activity was not just to get to my destination, but to experience the Firmness and Gentleness in my step, and to move with No Hurry/No Pause. It was as if a light went on, and I was able to put my usual internal monologue in the background in exchange for an interest in staying with the activity of my body. When I reached my destination, I saw that I had renewed energy for my daily activities, and a wish to do them with body-mind connection.

When I approach the world as a beginner, it allows me to see that I am never the same, moment to moment.  Every cell in my body is constantly changing, as is my relationship to my environment. This attitude allows me to relate to the simple experiences of daily life with genuine interest.  It gives me the flexibility to see that I am never stuck, because, if I choose to relate to life in this way, each moment brings a new opportunity.

Alexandra Johnson, MD, is an international Instructor at the Breema Center and has a private integrative medical practice in Oakland, California. For information on consultation go to  

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