My Wish to Support a Meaningful Life

Nov 25, 2022

by Steve Brodsky

The demands of life can be overwhelming, and it often feels as though I am unconsciously navigating these events with little or no control over my experience of them. It is as if life is happening and, instead of responding, I react based on a set of quick and automatic conditioned actions, like a programmed robot that lacks any meaningful connection to life. When I see this unfold, I know I need support to shift my relationship to my experience of life’s events.

By introducing me to the Nine Principles of Harmony, Breema has provided me this support. The principles are a practical and accessible way to encourage connection in my life. As a start, I begin by experiencing an activity of the body. My body is always breathing and I can simply register that activity. I begin to experience this with my whole body. My shoulders begin to have weight and relax toward the ground. As the tension in my body dissipates, the attention of my mind stays with what is happening in my body. I shift my weight from foot to foot and begin to experience the movement of the body as the only thing that I’m doing. Now the principle of Single Moment/Single Activity is alive. My whole mind and body are included in this activity. I feel the support of them working together and a more meaningful connection to myself.

By connecting my mind (which is often lost in thoughts of the past or future), and my body (which is always present), I take the first step toward nurturing a meaningful relationship with myself. From there, I have the possibility of bringing that connection into any activity in my day, not only supporting myself but supporting all my relationships. My mind is not lost in unnecessary thought nor is my body clenching with tension. Being able to respond to the demands and challenges in my life from this place of support and connection, there is energy and direction to know what is needed in any moment.


Steve Brodsky is a Breema Instructor and Practitioner with a regular teaching and bodywork practice in the Pacific Northwest US. You can join Steve and co-instructors from the Pacific Northwest every Thursday at 10am PST for the online Self-Breema class Being With the Body, We Are Supported. 

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