Denise Berezonsky shows how a body-mind practice can be brought into her daily activities to support her to live more consciously.

Breema As a Support for Presence in Everyday Life

Oct 29, 2020

by Denise Berezonsky

The aspect of Breema that I find most compelling is that everything it teaches is meant to be brought into ordinary everyday life. By applying the Breema principles and connecting to the actual experience of the body while practicing the bodywork and Self-Breema exercises, I get a taste of myself which is free from the conditioned pattern of my ordinary ways of thinking and seeing the world. The more I experience these tastes of my unconditioned self, the more I know that this is how I wish to live my life. 

The beauty of Breema is that what I do in the bodywork and in Self-Breema can be done as I sit at my computer, as I drive my car, as I talk to a friend. I sit at my computer and I know that my body is inhaling and exhaling as I type these lines. When I am driving, and I remember how I wish to be in my life, I shift gears in my car with Full Participation and No Force, experiencing my body’s movement as I lean into the clutch and gearshift. As I talk to my friend, I wish to listen with No Extra and No Judgment. Because Breema is simply the activity of the body when I am present, I only need to remember and to experience the activity as it manifests.

The simple activity of the body is important, because it means I can always take a step towards greater presence and harmony, no matter what condition I find myself in. When events in my life seem challenging, it’s a reminder that I am looking at them from those conditioned patterns of the mind, instead of the openness and acceptance that are available when Being participates. Even after years of practicing Breema, I see that many patterns of my conditioning remain the same, but what has changed is my relationship to them. I no longer believe in them as if they are me. I know, by experience, that they are immediately transformed when I raise my level of consciousness and become present. All the qualities I wish for— kindness, generosity, compassion, wisdom—effortlessly manifest when I am present, an expression of my underlying essential connection with everything that exists. This knowing gives me a sense of real freedom, infinite possibility, and gratitude for the opportunity to be present, moment after moment.

Denise Berezonsky is the Assistant Director of the Breema Clinic and also Staff instructor at the Breema Center and teaches ongoing online Self-Breema classes found at Visit to experience a one-on-one Self-Breema session, first session is free.

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