Elisa Matesanz shares how daily Self-Breema has supported her healing process from isolation and discomfort to connection and wholeness.

Connection and Simplicity with Self-Breema

Jun 24, 2021

by Elisa Matesanz

Practicing Self-Breema is supporting me to bring Breema into my daily life. It helps me remember that every activity can be done as a Self-Breema and I can be supported by the principles. I find myself being increasingly able to bring Breema into whatever I do. 

This morning, while walking down the street, I felt pain and discomfort in my body. I found that I was hardly breathing and my feet were barely touching the ground. My mind was caught in thoughts of the future. Then, I remembered I have a body that breathes, so I took a deep breath and slowed down. No Hurry/No Pause came alive for me and I found a more natural rhythm that allowed me to more fully participate in the activity of walking. I experienced the entire soles of my feet firmly supported by the ground. My mind became engaged in the activity of the body and walking became truly enjoyable.

When I join the online classes, I feel I am practicing with everyone! Some days, I also practice by myself, when, in addition to the classes, I feel like doing Self-Breema at my own pace and practice the exercises my body “asks for.” The more I practice and use the principles in my daily life, the more my experience deepens. Practicing just one Self-Breema inspires me to do more, and has increased my desire to share Breema with others.

The classes have helped me with my healing process as well. I feel more in harmony after all these months of classes and workshops. They help me feel less isolated. Practicing makes me happy, and gives me something to look forward to every day. It’s very comforting to do Breema with people from so many countries—many are people I’ve known for years! I love listening to the Instructors when they discuss Breema and share their experiences. It really helps me understand myself and Breema’s philosophy, which supports me to navigate through life.

Elisa received her first Breema treatment in 1997 in San Anselmo, California. The experience touched her profoundly and she knew that Breema would be her path in life. Her strong desire to share it with other people supported her to become a Breema Practitioner and Instructor, combining her little practice in Madrid with the teaching of Breema in Spain, other countries in Europe, and occasionally at the Breema Center in California. In 2006, Elisa moved to Asia and had the opportunity to teach in schools and universities. Breema remained her loyal ally and its Principles helped her to establish a more nurturing relationship with her students, but most significantly with herself in every aspect of my daily life.

Elisa Matesanz completed her studies as a Certified Massage Therapist and Advanced Bodyworker in California. She holds a BA in Arts (Drama) and an MA in the Teaching of Spanish/English. She currently lives in London, supporting children with learning difficulties. She loves her daily practice of Self-Breema and enjoys walks in nature, singing, and musical theatre.

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