Alexandra Johnson explores a new model of mutual support via the direct experience of body-mind connection.

Entering into Health

Oct 15, 2019

by Alexandra Johnson, MD

Lately, patients have been asking about conditions that are commonly considered natural consequences of aging. They are interested in synthesizing information from other doctors, friends or the media, to explore how to really support health and vitality. They have a wish to experience for themselves what can best support their body, not just rely on someone else’s advice. Through this process, they hope to develop an active relationship with their body, mind, and feelings. 

By coming to body-mind connection within myself, I offer support from various angles and traditions, some research-based, some from direct experience. This is a starting point from which they fill in the direction and the path they wish to follow. This model of mutual support is dynamic and fulfilling. It touches on wellbeing not simply as the absence of symptoms and allows us to enter into the deeper meaning of health. When we approach our lives from this perspective, we have an opportunity to benefit from all the manifestations of the body, mind and feelings, and from all events of life.


Alexandra Johnson, MD, is a Staff Instructor at the Breema Center. She has a private practice in Integrative Medicine at the Greeting Health Clinic in Oakland and Santa Cruz, California. 

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