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Gratitude for Knowing There Is a Body

Jan 20, 2022

by Karin "Pip" Kiteley

With the current world events, I see that the mind has even more of a tendency to run to the past and future, particularly during states of fear and uncertainty. This can be very unsteadying, but then, gratefully and as often as possible, I can come to see this. When I do, the tool of coming to an activity of the body, knowing there even IS a body, brings me from the “Nowhere” of past and future to the “Somewhere” of this moment. 

This process of bringing the mind to connect with what is happening with the body gives my busy mind a job to do. That brings a quieting of the traffic of thoughts, and an essential experience that is present, settling, and empowering to what may otherwise feel like a chaotic existence. I see that I come to know there is a body that is actually always available, and in the experience of breathing, moving, or knowing the body has weight on the ground, I find the simplicity of gratitude. Gratitude that the current events actually helped me remember to come to body-mind connection, gratitude that I have a practice that is always available, gratitude to be with my self and, in that be-ing, have an experience of true connection to source and all life.

Connecting to the body is truly a selfless practice, though from the outside looking in, it may sound like my focus is self-absorbed. When I come to knowing there is a body, I uncover energy that was previously being drained by dwelling on past events or conjuring future possibilities. In this moment, I can breathe with clarity in order that I may do what needs to be done—or undone—for more essential wellness and wholeness. And here in the body-mind connection of now, there is a drop in the bucket of life that I see contributes calm and ease, with acceptance of the chaotic states of the mind, even by simply registering the activity of the body in one inhalation and exhalation. For even brief moments, gratitude for knowing there is a body, to come from Nowhere to Somewhere, nourishes vital existence.

Karin “Pip” Kiteley, LMT is an active certified Breema practitioner and Instructor in Ashland, Oregon. A student of Breema and Barefoot Shiatsu since 1995, Pip sees Breema bodywork at the core of her professional practice, along with supporting her in daily activities for a more harmonious and conscious experience of life. Find a list of current classes Pip offers at breema.com/pipkiteley

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