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I Want to Be More Present in My Life

Sep 19, 2019

by Eileen Sendrey

I want to be more present in my life;

I want to be more present with myself;

I want to be more present with my family and friends;

I want to be more present at work or school.

What does that mean? How do I do that?

Presence is the matrix through which we experience all aspects of our human experience. It is fundamental to all relationships with oneself, family and friends, work-life, a sense of meaning and purpose in life and connection to community, nature and to the divine. When we are “present” our mind body and feelings are working together in alignment and we experience more peace and clarity. Without presence we don’t know that we actually exist, nor do we have access to any real information or understanding of what is happening with ourselves or anyone else. Anyone who cultivates presence in their own life and work can, with acceptance, empathy and understanding, relate to others more easily. 

How do I learn what it feels like to be present?

Presence is something that needs to be experienced directly. I can’t tell you what it feels like, just like I can’t tell you the taste of chocolate by describing it. The reason I practice Breema is that it gives me a straightforward, commonsense approach to learning what it feels like to be present and how to return to that over and over again. The reason I teach Breema is to offer that same opportunity to others. As a teacher, I also benefit from the structure of the class and the participation of the students for my own striving to be more present. Sticking with the practice has increased my capacity to stay with and come back to an experience of this moment.

Some of us – like artists, gardeners, athletes, mountain climbers, worshipers in prayer, etc – feel present in activities we love and become fully absorbed in. Outside those moments how do I learn to be present in every day life?

There are some activities in which we become fully attentive and absorbed with a feeling of presence seemingly given to us. The great thing about learning Breema is that I don’t need to feel like I’m “in the flow” or happy or satisfied to move in that direction. Breema offers a well-organized, step-by-step, complete system to cultivate an experience of presence and health and how to become less identified with our unconscious reactive states. Although in the beginning it helps to be in a class setting where we can focus on learning the Principles and the method, eventually we can learn to be present anywhere in any mental, emotional and physical state.

If I don’t identify myself as a New Age type does this still pertain to me? If I view myself as a “practical type” why should I spend my time, money and energy in learning how to be more present?

Bringing mind body and feelings together in the present moment is ultimate efficiency. I’m not wasting energy with all parts of myself battling with and disconnected from each other. I have more energy, clarity and receptivity. As I begin to include myself, whether it’s personal or professional setting, it becomes the starting point for receptivity within my day-to-day activity. Receptivity connects physical outer experience of relating to other human beings and information to an inner world of understanding and cultivated wisdom. In such moments, through openness and understanding one can know exactly what is needed in the moment. This moment can be a one of innovation and creativity where everything learned in the past can be synthesized into a new form, perfect for what is needed just then.

If I am interested in improving my physical health, how does presence support me?

Much of modern western medicine and psychiatry is based in acute crisis and symptom management. Understanding the essence of health requires an approach which includes a whole view of a human based in knowledge and understanding ranging from a rich history of mankind exploring consciousness up to the very latest advances of modern science. No aspect of health can fully be understood in separation from the whole. The study of Breema, and its emphasis on body mind connection and presence helps us, in all healing modalities to integrate this rich, ever developing, reservoir of information and understanding in the moment to have receptivity and insight into what is needed in the moment to support true health.

*The practice of Breema helps us with inner organization of our mind and feelings and relaxation of the body toward presence and harmony in all aspects of our lives. Whether one participates in a Breema event once, or more ideally, on an ongoing basis we can benefit by gaining understanding of ourselves and fundamental principles of health.

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