Andi Gibb shares how the pandemic has supported her practice of Self-Breema to nourish and vitalize her during class and in her everyday life.

Reflections on Self-Breema

Apr 23, 2021

by Andi Gibb

Practicing Self-Breema

Even though the pandemic has compromised us bodyworkers, many unexpected benefits have emerged. Prior to the recent online offerings, I attended a Self-Breema class at the Center maybe once a year. Now, I can participate three or four times a week and, with this more regular practice, I feel increased connection to students and instructors from around the world.

Self-Breema has always been a regular part of my day, but I find that, lately, I’m able to go deeper into the experience of “doing this for myself” and deeper into the experience of Body Comfortable. No one’s watching, so I can bring in all the pillows I need!

The number of Self-Breema exercises I’m capable of doing has grown since online classes began. Getting comfortable with the wide range of dynamics—the variety of postures, the holds, the hopping, and the gentle stretches—has shone a light on how all of my daily activities can be like Self-Breema. It just requires my being present.

Cutting up a persimmon with the principle of Full Participation is a new experience when I register the body’s movement. As I slide the knife back and forth, the beautiful fruit spills out on the cutting board. I lean back from the counter, transferring weight into my heels, knowing now that body has weight on the floor. Knowing this with all three centers active—mind, body, and feelings—brings a taste of being present.

After washing hands at the sink, I take up the dish towel to dry them, and it becomes Self-Breema as I draw the cloth over and around every surface of my hands. The principle of No Extra is alive; the moment is complete and I become more available to whatever comes next.

Andi Gibb is a Breema practitioner and Instructor in Southern California. She has offered Breema to diverse groups of individuals including hospice patients, infants in intensive care units, women coming out of domestic violence, and as a guest instructor at the Somatic Therapy school in Ventura.

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