The First Step Toward a Balanced Life

Sep 23, 2022

by Matthew Tousignant

In Breema, body-mind connection is the beginning. It is the first step we take toward becoming present. Our direction is to come out of the past and future and to enter the present moment. But how exactly do we do that? Simply and practically, we start by bringing the attention of the mind to be with the activity of the body. Doing this many times, we become familiar with what it means to know there is a body.

How many times have you experienced your mind lost in something that happened in the past or caught in something you anticipate in the future? How many times have you found yourself in a repetitive thought loop about an interaction or argument you had with someone? How many times have you noticed yourself judging, categorizing, or narrating your life? In Breema, this is called living from one center—the thinking center, or conditioned mind.

When I recognize an overactive mind taking me to the past or future, draining my life energy, disturbing my emotions, tensing my body, or diluting my attention, I can always register one inhalation and one exhalation and come to the body. Taking that breath gives me a new direction. Rather than being lost in thoughts, the mind has something to do. If there is sufficient willingness and desire, I ask the mind to stay with the process of breathing.

Giving my attention to body breathing and body having weight conserves my energy. I experience the mind becoming quieter and more available, and my body becoming more relaxed. With some practice, I may even begin to notice my emotions becoming calmer. When body-mind connection becomes my foundation and my direction for life, the challenges that face me don’t seem so daunting or insurmountable. Working through obstacles and details doesn’t drain so much energy, and the rewards are much more satisfying and meaningful.

Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony invite me to practice body-mind connection in my daily life. Anytime I remember a principle, I have an opportunity to take a step in the direction of being present. When I do, I am more connected with that which nurtures me. I am less judgmental and more grateful. I am more available to outer conditions and demands. I don’t waste as much energy and, as a result, I am less stressed and better organized to handle whatever arises. If I had one wish, it would be to make body-mind connection the first step I take in every activity in life.

Matthew Tousignant, M.A., CMT holds degrees from Harvard University and the California Institute of Integral Studies. A Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor, he currently teaches Breema extensively in the U.S. and Europe. Matthew’s body-centered therapeutic work, based out of Lambertville, New Jersey, combines the universal wisdom of Breema with a practical knowledge of psychology to connect others to their unique potential as human beings.

Join Matthew every Monday online at breema.info/mondays or in-person at the Fall Breema Intensive Oct. 8-12th breema.info/intensive.

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