Arlie Mischeaux shares the transformational benefits of doing Self-Breema.

Transforming Loss with Self-Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

Mar 24, 2022

by Arlie Mischeaux

Recently I was scheduled to instruct a Self-Breema class online. I hadn’t slept well and was feeling very off-balance emotionally and physically. I wondered if I should instruct, but I did.

During the half-hour class, I felt more organized inside myself after doing just a few Self-Breema. Tapping my upper body, brushing my arms, rocking my body side to side, palming my eyes—all with a gentle, relaxed, assured touch and no judgment—I became more centered and grounded.

When I take a breath and connect to my body, the mind becomes receptive and the feelings more calm and balanced. No matter what emotional state I'm in, it doesn’t take long.

And once I see my state, without trying to change it, there is a shift in me, and an acceptance of how I was. Then I want to feel alive again, and not go through life completely desensitized, afraid, unable to fully experience myself. When the Breema Principle of Full Participation is in my foreground and becomes my guide, I can let go of any ideas of how I, or outer circumstances, should be.

I see how much I do things every day to distract myself from the pain of so many events, from the minute difficulties like being stuck in traffic, to the big ones—the loss of a loved one, or the tragic situations affecting the environment and so many people all over the planet. My wish is to live more consciously, with more and more receptivity and availability, no matter what comes my way.

Self-Breema helps me “digest” the larger challenges of life by bringing my attention to the activity of the body. That helps me recognize when I’m caught in random, negative, or judgmental thoughts that influence my feelings. I begin to see that these reactions to outer events are related to my inner landscape and built on faulty perception, unverified information, reactivity, and conditioning, rather than to my actual experience in the moment.

Self-Breema offers me a way to become receptive and willing to see and experience what is going on in my body, mind, and feelings. I become less identified with my reactions, and closer to accepting whatever I see. I can be in the moment, so I can rely on body-mind connection and the Nine Principles of Harmony to steer me in the right direction – towards unity, wholeness, and simplicity.

Transformation happens when I raise my level of consciousness, and my perspective and outlook shift. When I can see things as they are, without trying to fix or change them, I recognize the wholeness of Existence and my place in it. I can participate more fully in life.

Arlie Mischeaux is a Staff Instructor at the Breema Center and teaches ongoing online Self-Breema classes in English and Spanish. Practicing Self-Breema is both nurturing and energizing, and supports physical flexibility and vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Join Arlie, along with Instructor Ann Hudson, for their monthly free Online special topic workshop, Transforming Loss and Grief - Self-Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony. Experience the direct benefit from the tangible atmosphere of acceptance and mutual support which characterizes Breema.

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