Susan Mankowski shares how she increases her vitality and renews her energy through her Breema practice.

Using Breema in My Professional Practice

Feb 28, 2019

by Susan Mankowski

Breema is a comprehensive system that includes a precise form of movement based on the Nine Principles of Harmony. These principles support the student to experience “how they are” in their body, mind, and feelings, moment by moment, while engaged in any activity. The bodywork and self-care exercises express the principles and give the student a way to bring body, mind, and feelings to work together. This creates a tangible “taste” of unity in the moment that can change one’s experience of life. That’s why Breema is known as the Art of Being Present.”


A New Direction for Health
Having been certified in massage therapy since 1981, I personally have experienced the benefits that Breema brings to my professional activities for the last 38 years. Although I use a variety of modalities in my practice, thanks to Breema’s Nine Principles, I never suffered from any repetitive stress injuries or had to take time off due to stress or fatigue. Instead, I experienced a replenishment  of energy and an increase of vitality, which has been both grounding and nourishing. Now 67 years old, I continue to teach and give Breema treatments without any difficulty.

Nine Principles of Harmony Supports How I Learn
By working with the Nine Principles of Harmony, I am able to keep my life and professional practice fresh and alive! I Have learned to find mutual support in my interactions, and how to use my whole body in whatever I do. I am able to move from my center with my body’s natural weight and no force. Tuning into the comfort of another, I can access my own comfort. When I become distracted, I can come back home to my body. I can drop the “extra” – letting go of whatever is not supporting harmony in this moment, including preconceived ideas of what “should” be done in a session. Lastly, I can bring an attitude of acceptance to life through non-judgment of both myself and other people.

Breema is a dynamic way of relating to myself and others. It’s a source of continual development and renewal and helps me to continue doing what I love most in life! 

Susan Mankowski LMT is a Staff Instructor at the Breema Center in Oakland, California. She actively teaches at the Breema Center and is available nationwide.

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